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Mind Over Matter #075

Some brand new remixes this month from Petar Dundov, Namatjira and Kobb, plus two tracks from Aparde’s fantastic “Loom” EP, released on Stil Vor Talent. Hope you enjoy this month’s selection!

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01 Anton Ishutin feat. Leusin – Presence [CDR]
02 Pedro Aguiar – Airhead (Petar Dundov remix) [Flow Vinyl]
03 Aparde – Loom [Stil Vor Talent]
04 Blond:ish – Wizard of Love ft. Shawni [Rebirth]
05 Pedro Aguiar – Audacity [Flow Vinyl]
06 East Cafe – Sonnenlicht (Namatjira’s Mondschein remix) [LuPS]
07 Spacebeat – Winter Phase (Kobb ‘White pill’ remix) [Suffused]
08 Aparde – Urge [Stil Vor Talent]
09 Dave DK – Woolloomooloo [Pampa]

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  1. Max Grebennikov March 2015

    Great work! Keep it rolling, I ve been listening for Mind Over Matte for four years already. I like it very much! Thanks!

  2. embliss March 2015

    thanks Max!

  3. Salamander Calamander March 2015

    Little mistake: “Agular” should say “Aguiar” on the two tracks.

    I like tracks 5 and 7 especially.

  4. embliss April 2015

    cheers! updated the tracklist.

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