This is the complete list of all released Embliss productions to date, sorted by release date. It does not include bootlegs and private versions / remixes.


Embliss & Manu Zain – Worthwhile
Label: Mind Over Matter
01 Embliss & Manu Zain – Worthwhile (Original Mix)
02 Embliss & Manu Zain – Worthwhile (LTN ‘Sunrise’ Remix)
Mykleby & Embliss – Tenfold / Matricaria
Label: Mind Over Matter
01 Mykleby & Embliss – Tenfold (Original Mix)
02 Mykleby & Embliss – Matricaria (Original Mix)
Embliss – Stronghold (remixes)
Label: Proton Music
01 Stronghold (Kerry Leva remix)
02 Stronghold (Addex remix)
Embliss & Ad Brown – Oreon (remixes)
Label: Particles
01 Oreon (Luke Porter remix)
02 Oreon (Shingo Nakamura remix)
Embliss – Stronghold EP
Label: Proton Music
01 Stronghold (original mix)
02 Don’t Let Go (original mix)
Mango & Embliss – Heiligenstadt
Label: Silk Royal
01 Heiligenstadt (original mix)
02 Heiligenstadt (Eleven.five remix)
03 Heiligenstadt (Sundriver remix)
Embliss & Ad Brown – Oreon
Label: Particles
01 Oreon (original mix)
02 Polaris (original mix)
Aeron Aether & Embliss – A New Dawn
Label: Solaris Recordings
01 A New Dawn (original mix)
02 A New Dawn (Abstracta remix)
Embliss – Back To Mine
Label: Anjunadeep
01 Back To Mine (original mix)
02 Back To Mine (Michael Cassette remix)
Embliss & Shoreliners – Catching Tides
Label: Arrival
01 Catching Tides (original mix)
02 Catching Tides (Oleg Izerkin remix)
03 Catching Tides (Kasper Kochker remix)
Embliss – Lemonakia EP
Label: Electronic Elements / Armada
01 Lemonakia
02 Beverly Drive
Embliss – Balance EP
Label: Particles
01 Balance
02 My Steady State
03 So Many Reasons
04 Balance (Subfractal Remix)
05 Balance (Niko Fantin & Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
Various Artists – Silk Way 2 LP
Label: Particles
Embliss – Balance (original mix)
Various Artists – Silk Way LP
Label: Particles
Embliss & Shoreliners – Catching Tides (original mix)
Embliss – Solstice
Label: Electronic Elements / Armada
01 Solstice (original mix)
02 Solstice (Ben Preston remix)
Embliss – Enchanted EP
Label: Nemesis Records / Bonzai
01 Enchanted (original mix)
02 Dreamcatcher (original mix)
03 Beluga (original mix)
Embliss – All that was faded
Label: Morphosis Records
01 All that was faded (original mix)
02 All that was faded (Blue Room Project remix)
03 All that was faded (Retroid remix)
04 All that was faded (Marrakech remix)
05 All that was faded (Style Clash remix)
Embliss – Kaleido
Label: Morphosis Records
01 Kaleido (original mix)
02 Kaleido (Mango tokyo monorail mix)
03 Kaleido (Alucard remix)
04 Kaleido (Retroid remix)
Embliss – Seattle / Part of me
Label: Green Martian
Seattle (original mix)
Part of me (original mix)


Niko Lindhe – Golden Rays
Label: LuPS records
Golden Rays (Embliss “Daily Miracle” remix)
Nigel Good – Nothing Out Here
Label: Silk Royal
Nothing Out Here (Embliss remix)
Anton Ishutin, Leusin – Presence
Label: Proton
Presence (Embliss remix)
Presence (Embliss dub mix)
Digital Department – Eccentric
Label: Welcome Music
Eccentric (Embliss remix)
Excession – Twilight Pt. 2
Label: Proton
Twilight (Embliss remix)
Dousk – Look Good Tonight (remixes)
Label: Proton
Look Good Tonight (Embliss remix)
Ali Mahmud – Wishful Thinking
Label: Silk Royal
Wishful Thinking (Embliss remix)
Jonas Afonso – Travelling By Subwave
Label: Particles
Travelling By Subwave (Embliss remix)
Schodt ft. Aida Fenhel – Falling
Label: Colorize / Enhanced Music
Falling (Embliss remix)
Falling (Embliss vocal remix)
Ingi – Cognition
Label: Particles
Cognition (Embliss remix)
Shane – Aurora
Label: Jetlag Digital
Aurora (Embliss remix)
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light
Label: Particles
Linear Light (Embliss remix)
Tom Fall & Something Good – Reflections
Label: Silk Royal
Reflections (Embliss remix)
Leon Raes – Aruba Garden
Label: Outside The Box Music
Aruba Garden (Embliss remix)
Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Sylleptica
Label: Silk Digital
Sylleptica (Embliss remix)
Sean McClellan – Desperate Measures
Label: Morphosis Records
Desperate Measures (Embliss remix)
East Cafe – Hemisphere EP part 1
Label: Locked Up Progressive Sounds
Summer Solstice (Embliss breaks remix)
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – State of Liberty
Label: Mistique Music
State of Liberty (Embliss remix)
Aeron Aether – Aeron is Coming
Label: Silk Digital
Lake in the Well (Embliss ‘Strange Duck in the Bite’ remix)
Matias Chilano – Long Experience EP Pt.2
Label: Locked Up Progressive Sounds
Paranoia (Embliss ‘Soak in the Moment’ remix)
Alex Rize – Leviathan 7
Label: Morphosis Records
Leviathan 7 (Embliss ‘Back to Babylon’ mix)
Arthur Deep – Friends
Label: Silk Digital
Friends (Embliss ‘Leaving Autumn’ remix)
Cream Sound – New Friday EP
Label: Morphosis Records
Intromodul (Embliss ‘Capturing the Void’ remix)
Mango – Kisses EP
Label: Morphosis Records
Lollipop Girl (Embliss remix)