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Embliss & Ad Brown – Oreon (Luke Porter & Shingo Nakamura remixes)

Embliss & Ad Brown – Oreon
Oreon (Luke Porter remix)
Oreon (Shingo Nakamura remix)

Charted in Beatport’s Must Hear Progressive House Chart for this week and supported by Jaytech, Armin Van Buuren, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Kobana, Mango, Ben Coda, and many more..

Get it at Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/oreon/1088078

PS. ever wondered where the title comes from?

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Embliss and Ad Brown’s “Oreon” EP was a shimmering melodic highlight in the 2012 Spring calendar. Partnered with dance floor gem, “Polaris”, the EP proved a considerable success. Both artists have had a productive 2013 thus far and Ad Brown’s recent collaboration with Peter Illias for Arrival has further enhanced his reputation for cross-genre, dance floor credibility. Contemporaneously, Tim Embliss’s brand new “Stronghold” EP for Proton Music is already causing quite a stir. Now, Embliss and Ad Brown welcome two brand new remixes of “Oreon” from a pair of modern progressive heavyweights.

Australian native, Luke Porter, from the sunny Melbourne coast, has found a home in metropolitan London in recent years where his passion for both DJ’ing and producing has seen him quickly develop into one of the music industry’s most consistent performers in the production of high quality music. Established as a DJ for over a decade in the clubs across the globe – from his home country and Asia to Europe and recent UK Bedrock Party party with John Digweed and Sonic Union – Porter’s production career began to take shape in 2008 with remixes for Balkan Connection and Mango Alley. Since then, a plethora or work signed to microCastle, Sudbeat, Spring Tube and Lowbit have been received to continual critical acclaim and have included collaborations with industry stalwarts, Medway and Cid Inc. Indeed, it was the latter who helped the duo spawn the immense, “Exploration” EP on Luke Porter’s Temporum label, run alongside Canadian progressive superstar, Soundprank. Placed on hiatus throughout 2012, Luke has recently has made a welcome return to the label with his “Sardonica” EP.

Pitching his heavyweight skills against “Oreon”, Luke Porter has triumphed with a shining progressive jewel. A strong driving beat, combined with floating, shimmering pads build effortlessly against a backdrop of pianos chords from Embliss and Ad Brown’s original to create a themed interpretation that is as intelligent as it is sensitive to the original mix. This is an extremely impressive and meticulous remix.

Japan’s rising son, Shingo Nakamura has been at the forefront of the melodic progressive house scene since his first remix of Soundprank for Proton in 2010. Since then, Nakamura has gone on to become the best-selling Japanese artist on the label and has also become a familiar face to the Silk label family. Releasing the album “Sapporo” on Silk Digital in 2011, the album also bore the name of his hometown. Signing work to trance behemoths Black Hole and Armada has further enhanced a reputation that has flourished in his home country and beyond, also including a clutch of releases on Kyohei Akagawa’s Otographic label.

Working his particular brand of progressive skill and verve on “Oreon”, Shingo Nakamura’s remix is an aural blend of shimmering, pulsating pads across trademark rhythmic stabs that periodically rise in intensity through filtered trickery, before falling away and finding their way back inside the bouncing rhythmic and melodic bed that form the track’s basis. A gorgeous, rasping and grooved bass line forms the final component that makes exquisite use of the original elements found in “Oreon”.

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by Renee Ugarteche
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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