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Niko Lindhe – Golden Rays (Embliss “Daily Miracle” remix)

Niko Lindhe – Exit EP featuring “Faded Love” and “Golden Rays” with Embliss, Toppy, and DJ Borra remixes is OUT NOW as Beatport exclusive!

Selected feedback:
“Tim nails this. Awsome remix.” -East Cafe
“Will use Embliss remix, nice release, thanks.” -Kris Brown
“great release, Embliss´s to me, thanks!!!” -Oscar Holgado
“Lovely melodic work here, grabbing to play and support!” -Freddy @ PHWW

Currently available as a Beatport Exclusive. Get it here.

Click below for the full release info.

LuPS Records is well known for bringing new talent to the surface. This time it is the debut of Stockholm based producer Niko Lindhé. He delivers a smooth 2 track EP with a mature sound. Golden Rays contains a downtempo trancy feel with a groove that similar as the one in Three Drives Greece 2000. The overall arrangement is just perfect and juicy.

The 1st remix of Golden Days comes from no-one less then Embliss! After a long period of absence on the label he now returns with another great remix. He turned the original into a mircale sounding track with an umeasurable depth and emotion. Somehow this track sounds like a mixture of Deep House meets Dire Straits.Pure as the Norwegian air. Clear as freezing winternight. Top notch remix.

The second remix comes from DJ Borra. Hailing from Sofia he gave the original a bigger more club orientated groove and feel. However he managed to keep the glowing and warm atmosphere of the original version alive. Great setbuilder.

The second original track is called Faded Love and is a true type goosebumping tearjerker. The title of this track covers the exact feeling you get when listening to it. All kinds of memory of lost loves are sneaking into your mind and start to make you mesmerizing about your life. This is track is a perfect timelss shinny little gem. It won’t lose it glance.

The only remix of Faded Love comes from Toppy. He also returns to label after a period of absence. What he did to the original is simple clever and amazing. A big bumping prog bassline is pushing this remix forward at the speed of light. On top he placed the original elements and hwat happens is that you are having a peaktime hour old school Prog House bomb in your hands which surely rocks the floor. Big remix from Toppy again.


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